Brazilian Forum of Kimberly process and colored gemstones

The Forum was created to promote the Kimberly Process Certification among government agencies, companies, miners unions and civil society. Created by the UN in 2002, this process has been extremely successful in tracking the origin of diamonds and preventing illegal sales of gemstones from areas of conflicts.

CIBJO – World Jewellery Confederation

Self-appointed as the “United Nations of the jewelry business,” the CIBJO (World Jewelry Confederation) represents the interests of all individuals, organizations and companies involved in the jewelry, gemstone and precious metal industry. Originally established in 1926, the confederation is the oldest international organization in the jewelry sector.

ICA – International Colored Gemstone Association

Operating as a non-profit organization, the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) is the only agency around the world specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry. ICA was founded in 1984 and now comprises over 600 gemstone dealers, cutters, miners and retailers from 47 countries, avidly devoted to advancing and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones.

RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council

The Responsible Jewelry Council is a non-profit, standard-setting and certifying organization with over 500 Member companies across the jewelry supply chain, from miners to retailers.