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Live From Feninjer 2015: Three New Jewelry Collections From Vianna

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor

Vianna offered a mix of super-high-end designs—astonishing pink and green tourmalines from the same mine that turns out Windex-blue Paraibas—and entry-level numbers. Here are three of the brand’s newest offerings.

I Love Charms

Its I Love Charms line is a variation of the leather bracelets capitalized on by Endless in recent years. Vianna’s charms, however, are 18k gold—Endless’ are silver—and speak to the same aesthetic as its fine jewelry collections. A case in point: Charms made in the likeness of the brand’s Mireya Sunset collection feature the same cuts that are evident in the core collection, which nod to the movement of the tides.

“I Love Charms is for the modern Brazilian woman who is fashion forward and assertive,” explains Karla Antunes, one of Vianna’s principals. “We’re incorporating the shapes, textures, and colors from our main collections but at entry retail prices.”

The leather-wrap bracelets are made in 10 different colors and retail for $100 apiece, and to date some 12 charm SKUs exist starting at $250 retail. Buy-in is $10,000. The next iteration of charms will be mini jewels such as rings and bracelets, which will debut to the trade at the September VicenzaOro fair.

Panorama Collection

Panorama officially debuted to buyers this year at JCK LUXURY, but now South American buyers are getting their first good look at it here. The theme of Panorama is deconstructed facets with succulent-looking gemstones such as citrus and fire opal, among others, starting at $900 retail. Some 25 SKUs exist now, and the minimum buy-in is about $1,500.

Cetim Collection

Finally, Cetim captures the romance and supple nature of satin ribbons in gold. The brand recommends selling the collection in rose-on-rose tones to play up the warmth and softness of styles made with matte finishes, rhodochrosite, and pearl-colored quartz. Eighteen SKUs currently exist, and retail prices start at $400.

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