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Live From Feninjer 2015: New Jewelry From Guilherme Duque

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor

New pieces from São Paulo–based Guilherme Duque remain true to the firm’s design mantra of gorgeous. Everything this designer turns out has a fabulously unique sensibility that is feminine and edgy, uncommon and outrageously chic.

In the past, the company has offered lovely enamel styles and chunky-cool ribbon rings—one in a haunting shade of army green! At this show, company principal Roseli Duque and son Henrique Duque Peters offer the latest installment of 10-year collaboration with couturier Fause Haten, which features black rhodium accents and inverted-set gemstones, among other styles. Some 70 SKUs exist, and retail prices start at $935.

The also pair told me that they exhibited at JCK LUXURY 2015 (how the heck did I miss them?) and were well received by American buyers. To appeal to the U.S. customers, explained Peters, the company brought cluster compilations of more traditional-looking Brazilian jewels in red, orange, and yellow gemstones. They are looking to increase accounts in the States, so give their work careful consideration because it’s beautifully made, rendered in compelling designs, and available from the always-charming Roseli.

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