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Open gem season in North America

The GJX Tucson expo was held between February 3 and 8, 2015, the main fair in the North American gemstone industry and the year’s first event of major global relevance.

During an entire week, this U.S. city is taken over by several fairs of the mineral segment – stones, gems, fine jewelry and fashion jewelry with stones, tools, and even fossils – consolidating GJX as a gauge for other events to be held throughout the year.

The sector project Brazil Gems and Jewelry, coordinated by IBGM and Apex Brasil, supported 34 companies in the Brazilian pavilion during its ninth participation in the event; namely: Aro Gemas, Art’Ouro & Gemas, Bandeirantes Pedras Preciosas, Bart Gems Brasil, BC Gemas do Brasil, Belmont, Ben Sabbagh Bros, Bezim Gems, Beryno Gems, Canelhas, Duarte & Bastos, Duarte & Duarte, E & E Gemas, Emerson Gems, Empire Industries, Gemextra, H Stones. JS Gems, M C Gemas, Manoel Bernardes, Manoel Nogueira, Marupiara, Nevestones, Niva, OTF, Peter Muller Carvings, Peter Valicek Gems, R & R / Green Export Gems, R. Figueiredo, RC Gemas, RM Gemas, Stone World, and Tavares Gems.

Initial expectations regarding the generation of new businesses were similar to the 2014 edition, which generated 1,800 new contracts, US$ 3.2 million in expo deals, and US$ 7 million in subsequent deals closed within 12 months after the fair. According to the executives, however, the expo’s business volume was unusually low and sales should be approximately 20% lower compared to last year.

Such reduction was mainly attributed to the Asian consumer market’s prices, which were not matched by the event’s buyers – most of which were from the U.S. For example, there was a significant appreciation of the tourmaline from Paraíba in the Asian market, raising prices and reducing business deals among the event’s buyers. On the other hand, such increase gave room to stones with lower commercial value, such as citrine, amethyst, morganite, topaz and aquamarine, which reached good sales volumes during the fair.

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