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Brazilian lounge at the 2015 Inhorgenta

Between February 20 and 23, the segment-targeted project entitled ‘Brazil Gems and Jewelry’, developed through a partnership between IBGM and Apex Brasil, will be part of the Inhorgenta trade fair, in Munich, featuring the exhibit “History of Brazilian Jewelry: from discovery to the 20th century,” curated by designer Mariana Magtaz.

An 8-meter wide panel covers the entire content of the exhibit, featuring texts and pictures with bilingual captions depicting five centuries of the Brazilian jewelry segment; the forefront totem provides a brief explanation of the exhibit and two 32-inch screens where the Virtual Showcase will be displayed, playing 67 slides showing items from all 9 companies participating in the Sector Project, as well as its respective contact information.

The exhibition’s catalog and the booklet “Brazilian Jewelry Design: Building an identity” will also be distributed among participants. The booklet complies 41 pieces of all 30 finalists of the last IBGM Award, 25 of which are Project participants.

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