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Brazilian jewelry segment dipping into the German market pool

INHORGENTA, a highly regarded international jewelry trade fair in Munich, Germany, has just ended its 42nd edition. In 2015, the event proved once again to be one of the most important business and communication platforms between suppliers and dealers, particularly among Europeans.

Between February 20 and 23, 1,055 exhibitors from 40 countries showcased their collections and innovations at INHORGENTA. The event’s six themed areas (Timepieces & Lifestyle; Technology & Bijoux; High Quality Selection; Jewelry; Carat; and Contemporary Design & Vision) received 26,000 visitors from over 75 countries seeking innovations, trends and recent developments in the jewelry industry. About two-thirds of the audience was German, but countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, UK and Northern Ireland were also very well represented.

During the fair, most of the 233 new exhibitors have already expressed intentions of participating in the 2016 edition. High visitor satisfaction is also clearly shown in the “Gelszus Fair Research” survey results, in which 94% of respondents rated INHORENTA as excellent, very good or good. The general atmosphere within the halls and the highly-sophisticated environment both received positive reviews from visitors. Most of the exhibitors stated they were extremely satisfied with the event, complimenting the visitors’ profile and the large number of new orders placed.

Klaus Dittrich, chairman and CEO of Messe München GmbH, the company hosting INHORGENTA, was very pleased: “Despite current hurdles to overcome in our industry, we managed to convey an extremely positive and business-friendly environment, shown by the large number of new orders placed. It is now clearer than ever: INHORGENTA remains the most important platform for the best deals in the jewelry industry.” INHORGENT’s next edition will take place between February 12 and 15, 2016.

Sector Project

The sector project Brazil Gems and Jewelry, a joint endeavor between IBGM with Apex Brasil, participated in the event with the exhibit “History of the Brazilian Jewelry,” curated by gemologist Mariana Magtaz, virtual showcases of companies from all corners of Brazil, and portfolios of companies participating in the sector project. Two catalogs were distributed during the event: “Brazilian jewelry design: building an identity”, published by IBGM in partnership with Apex Brasil and SEBRAE; and “Brazilian jewelry”, a compilation of works by designers from all corners of Brazil, illustrating the work of gemologist Mariana Magtaz, the exhibit’s curator. By the end of the third day of the event, all catalogs had already been distributed and visitors struggled for a good spot to see the jewelry items illustrated in virtual showcases.

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