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Brazilian jewelry makes and shows history in Germany

In February, the Brazilian jewelry segment strides into German territory boasting its skills and products. In partnership with Apex-Brazil, the sector project of IBGM (Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals) hosts the Brazilian Jewelry exhibit at the Inhorgenta trade fair, in Munich: a textual and visual report of five centuries of the industry in Brazil.

Part of the Cultural Circuit of the Brazilian Embassy in Germany in 2011, the exhibit was redesigned and updated, using pictures and texts to tell the story of the Brazilian Jewelry segment from the country’s discovery to the 21st century. Works of 55 jewelers from the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Distrito Federal, Amazonas, and Espírito Santo, among several others, illustrate all 42 panels of the exquisite project, curated by gemologist Mariana Magtaz.

Besides the exhibit, jewelers participating in the sector project will also exhibit works in a virtual showcase, boasting the modern and high-end quality of Brazilian design. On the corporate front, Brazil Collective Jewelry – a consortium comprised of gold and silver jewelers from Pará – will engage in a commercial mission during the event, prospecting customers and negotiating its participation in the 2016 edition.

Regarded as the main European gauge of the affordable luxury industry, the Inhorgenta trade fair reaches its 42nd annual edition, showcasing innovations and trends throughout eight themed areas: Timepieces, Technology, Bijoux, Selection, Lifestyle, Trends and Vision, Carat and Contemporary Design. The event receives approximately 30,000 visitors, one third of which are foreigners from over 80 countries. The countries with largest participant shares are Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Czech Republic, but the growing number of Australians, Spaniards, Indians and Chinese indicate a trending shift in the visitors’ profile. The event will be held in the Messe Munchen Convention Center, in Munich, between February 20 and 23, 2015.

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