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Brazilian delegation attending the World Congress of Colored Gemstones in Sri Lanka

The city of Colombo, in Sri Lanka, hosts for the second time the biannual ICA Congress – International Colored Gemstone Association. Held from May 16 to 19, the 16th edition will be attended by 400 participants from around the world.

“Everyone will benefit from the knowledge and new insights for the enhancement of the gemstone and jewelry industry,” said A.H.M. Imtizam – Chairman of the ICA Congress Organizing Committee –, along with Benjamin Hackman, chairman of ICA, and Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Finances of Sri Lanka, at the event’s opening ceremony.

The Congress will have a substantial agenda of presentations and discussions guided by professionals in the Gemstones and Jewelry industry, about relevant issues, such as the implementation of standards for transparency and good practices in the industry, trends in the use of colored gemstones and successful cases and leadership in the industry.

According to the ICA director in Sri Lanka, Gamini Zoyza, “there will be a special presentation about gemstones and jewelry from Sri Lanka, which is now part of the Royal English Heirloom’, the renowned Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy, something of which not many people are aware.” According to Zoyza, “the congress will be important to enlighten the industry about foreign markets and jewelry trends.”

Brazil is represented by a delegation of five participants: Carla Pinheiro, president of Ajorio – Association of Jewelers and Watchmakers of the State of Rio de Janeiro – and vice-president of the IBGM Council – Brazilian Institute of Gemstones and Precious Metals; Clarissa Maciel – IBGM International Relations Coordinator; Clement Sabbagh, owner of the gemstone company Ben Sabbagh; Marcelo Bernardes, director of the gemstone company Manoel Bernardes; and Marcelo Ribeiro, director of Belmont Mineração. Considered as true benchmarks in the industry, the companies Manoel Bernardes and Belmont take part in the Brazil Gems and Jewelry Sector Project, with extensive coverage and consistent performance in foreign markets.

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